Staring a development blog

Why do I blog?

Blogging is time-consuming and there is no guarantee I could keep motivated to produce new contents. However, I find blogging is the missing manual I needed to save from having long email thread, chats to explain things that could be better documented. It helps people who also experience the same or similar problem.

I also find blogging motivates content creation. It reminds you to move forward with the path you created. In order to keep yourself relevant, you gotta move!

Blogging areas

The articles will mostly begin in software development and perhaps occasional sharing the success/fail with my work. Those two areas are where I experienced in. It may extend to other topics as time goes.

Languages of my blog

Even though English is not my first, but having used it on a daily basis since eight years ago, hopefully, it can be understood by most English speakers. Also, software development is often discussed in English

Blogging platform

I was looking for something that is hackable, secure yet develop into a full-time job to maintain the blogging system. So this blog was created by a static site generator, hosted by a CDN.